Palawan Paradise Islands





Busuanga, North Palawan, Philippines


18  Hectares (portion of the island)


US$ 2,500,000 dollars

SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE  ISLAND  excellent fine sand beaches  800 meters white sand beaches  excellent coral surrounds the area  ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving  just 45 minutes from mainland Busuanga

Enchanted and captivated by the tranquility of nature...Teardrop Island, the pearl gem of Calamian Group of Islands in Palawan, resting in the shadows of tropical forests surrounded by lush greenery, lies a picturesque island beyond imaginable, a true oasis of tranquility. Dubbed as the most beautiful island in Palawan. It has a lovely stretch of white sand beaches with crystaline clear waters. The beach is very ideal for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, water ski, para-sailing, and game fishing. 

From Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, take a 45 minute commercial flight to Busuanga Airport and another 1 hour by car with 10 minutes speed boat ride, you are now at the paradise island. 

Surrounded by sea and green forest in the interior, the place offers ultimate peace and tranquility. This island property is very ideal for those wanting an isolated holiday or a vacation away from the rush of city life. 

Considered to be the most beautiful island in Palawan, this piece of paradise is situated in Palawan’s tourism belt, the Calamian Islands. 




Roxas, Palawan, Philippines


5.6  Hectares


US$ 1,000,000 dollars

SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE  ISLAND private titled island with fresh water source white sand beaches
 all over the island just 45 minutes by boat from the mainland ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving excellent mobile phone and internet signal available

One of Palawan’s most charming and extraordinary island, an exclusive island hideaway in Roxas Bay, Palawan. It is one of the most extraordinary island in Palawan, it has water source and accessible by all modes of mobile communications. 

Immerse yourself in splendid island isolation. Very few places are left on earth where one can inhabit their own exclusive private island paradise with no other tourists within miles. This 13-acres dream island is unique in that you are the only one on the island during your stay. This privacy allows for the ultimate peace and relaxation. 

You will be surrounded by vivid blue water teeming with tropical fish and lush coral reefs and white sand beaches. A haven untouched by civilization. This magical island offers total seclusion in a sophisticated setting. 

.....Do you like to fish or snorkel? A magical underwater world is merely steps away from the island.

.....Wind surf or catch your own fresh coral fish for dinner? Exercise by exploring nearby mangrove forests in a kayak. 

.....How about sailing through warm blue water? The surrounding ocean is excellent for sailing and wind-surfing.

.....The only sound is the wind and the ocean. Spoil yourself with a gourmet lunch in a hammock? 

.....Enjoy the finest champagne in complete privacy while you watch a glowing sunset. This is your exclusive, private refuge. 

Here, you will find water so crystal clear the ocean floor is no longer a mystery. Serendipitous days spent sailing, snorkeling and exploring. A perfect respite for friends and family. With an idyllic setting that is pristine, romantic and endlessly peaceful, Green Bay Island is the perfect for an exclusive private luxury resort.

Green Bay island comprises more or less 6 hectares titled property. It has a circular white sand beach surrounding the whole island. Coconut and Talisai trees are abundant in the island. The island is very much ideal for leisure activities such as jetski, kayaking and other water sports.

*1 hour & 30 minutes land travel from Puerto Princesa Airport to Roxas, Palawan
*30 minutes by boat from seaport to the Island




EL Nido, North Palawan, Philippines


27  Hectares


US$ 5,000,000 dollars

SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE  ISLAND  private island with 27 Villas and 5-bedroom Mansion  10 concrete villas, 17 water villas, 2 swimming pools  excellent coral surrounding the island  ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving  easily accessible from EL Nido and Taytay Airport

Coral Island is an escape from the markings of mankind and A dive into island life where nature has been unashamedly boastful. The island is secluded, being private, and offers a variety of sea, sand and tropical island-retreat–pleasures, in exclusive comfort and in traditionally styled accommodation.

Few islands in the Philippines have such an excellent resort potential as Coral Island, found in the stunningly beautiful region of Palawan. Perfect beaches, sweeping ocean views and exotic coral reefs are currently being enhanced by the development of a luxurious personal villa, with a cabana already in place. Further construction could easily turn this pretty Palawan paradise into a gorgeous resort destination.

It is situated in one of the world’s most idyllic island locations on the staggeringly beautiful Palawan Island in the Phillipines. It is a private island, gifted with nature’s paradisiacal treats: powder white beaches, clear turquoise-azure-indigo seas, cirrus-streaked cerulean skies, and excellent coral reef.

Coral Island is a 27 hectare island located 29 kilometres from the town of Taytay in Northern Palawan. The island measures approximately 700 metres north to south and 500 metres east to west. The coastline of Coral Island is largely composed of a steep rocky shore except for sandy beaches on the sheltered southern and south western side of the island. A smaller rocky island, Manta island, lies approximately 200 metres from the southwest corner of Coral Island. Both islands are surrounded by fringing reef.

The island has large hills with approximately ¼ of the island (8-10 hectares) being flat land at the SW portion. The flat land is behind the beach and extends back about 400-500 metres back to the edge of the hills. This flat land is ideal for resort development. Landscaping and construction is all that's required for development.

The island has good year-round water with a deep well and a steel header tank. This dramatically increases the viability of development of the island.

The island hosts a unique villa, artistically designed to the taste of modern island living, just few minutes from the beach, the villa offers 180 degrees view of Taytay bay, known for its rich marine corals and thousands of unique tropical fishes.

The villa has Three (3) Large bedroom with pefect view of the bay. It has air-conditioning unit, internet connection, power generator and good source of water. The sale includes the entire island (25 hectares), the existing villas, power generators and other existing facilities. 

Coral island is accessible via EL Nido Airport in Palawan, Philippines. El Nido Airport is just 1 hour flight Manila  Airport, and being served by commercial and chartered airlines:





North Palawan, Philippines


54  Hectares


US$ 2,500,000 dollars

SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE  ISLAND  private island with 3-bedroom Mansion  white beaches on both sides of the island  excellent coral reef surrounding the island  ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving  easily accessible from EL Nido and Coron Airport

The island is shaped like a bone, with two large hills as promontories at either and a thinner section connecting them with a beach on either side. The middle portion comprising the flat land between the two hills as all flat, covered with mature coconut plantations and each side of the island has a very long, white beach. 

The large flat area between the bases of the two hills comprises approximately 16-18 hectares (40-45 acres). The two hills are covered in virgin rainforest with large tropical hardwoods and at the base of the hill are located banana and papaya plantations.

The two beaches are lined with mature palm trees which droop gracefully over the land in between the two beaches, giving both beauty and shade to the area most suitable for development. Just few meters off the beach is a magnificent fringing reef, ideal for snorkeling. The corals surrounding the island are huge, colorful and in wonderful condition. These waters are littered with pristine corals which are inhabited by more varieties of fish than the Caribbean.

This island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands that we have for sale, and one of the top three that we have that would be suitable for the location of a large-scale resort operation. The whole island has superb views, and its situation right in the middle of an archipelago makes it ideal for a base for island hopping. 

The island is surrounded by dozens of beautiful islands, remote beaches, great diving, snorkeling and yet it is readily accessible (3 hours by local boat or 1.5 hours via speedboat) to the present El Nido airport and will be only be 45 minutes by speedboat from the new El Nido airport being built north of town.

Calicoan Paradise Island, Philippines

Calicoan Island is envisioned to become the surfing capital and a top tourist destination in the Philippines. This island is situated in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, located at the southernmost tip of the third largest island (Samar) in the Philippines archipelago. It is where Calicoan Island lays, also known as the “Surfer’s Paradise”. With its rugged landscape, tropical forest, wonderful lagoons, breathtaking white beaches, crystal clear water, and magnificent sunlight, Calicoan is a must see for nature lover, adventurous travelers, deep-sea fisherman, and intrepid surfer.

Getting There

Calicoan island is readily accessible by land, sea and air. Chartered flights can land in Guiuan’s airport, a 5-minute drive from Calicoan. The nearby regional capital of Tacloban City is two to three hours away. Several buses and vans on regular schedules shuttle passengers to Guiuan via a scenic two-lane coastal highway which runs past mountains, steep cliff, distant rock islands and boat-filled bays. Tacloban is regularly serviced by scheduled flights from Manila. Alternatively, several bus companies have daily trips to Guiuan from Manila. Travel time is approximately twenty-one hours.


Bounded by The Pacific Ocean on the east and Leyte Gulf on the west, this 1,600 hectare island is considered the Jewel of the Pacific coast. Miles of white sand beaches, dramatic coralline landscapes, cathedral caves, and powerful surfing waves characterize the Pacific side of Calicoan, while the Leyte Gulf side features calm and clear water ideal for swimming and watersports. There are 6 saltwater lagoons ringed by forest along the interior of Calicoan. Half of the island is covered by lush tropical forest containing exotic species of flora and fauna, such as rare birds, civet cats, and curious Macaque monkeys. The forest has been declared a protected area by the Department of Energy and Natural Resources.

The surrounding waters are some of the most abundant in natural resources anywhere. Big gamefish such as tuna, marlin, swordfish and mahi-mahi are caught regularly in the waters between Calicoan and Sulu-an island. Large mangrove crabs can be found on the island’s northern tip. Lobsters are known to be caught off the waters of Ngolos Beach, right in front of the Ocean Villas!

In the calmer waters of the Leyte Gulf, sea cucumbers, sea grapes, and tropical reef fish abound. A pearl and giant clam farm is nearby.


In 1521, the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan first made landfall in nearby Homonhon island when he discovered the Philippines for Spain. The island’s strategic location and bountiful resources made it a major staging area for American forces during the second world war. Close to 100,000 U.S servicement were assigned in Calicoan and its surrounding areas. In October 1944, hundreds of U.S and Japanese warships clashed off the shores of Calicoan in what became known as the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval engagement in world history.



The municipality of Guiuan is located at the southernmost tip of Samar Island. It is bounded on the north by the municipality of Mercedes, on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Surigao Strait, on the west by the Leyte Gulf. Clustered around the municipality are numerous islands and islet, like Tibabao, Calicoan, Sulangan, Homonhon and Suluan. Guiuan is 109 kilometers south of Borongan and 154 kilometers from Tacloban. It has a total land area of 175.49 square kilometers. It is composed of sixty (60) barangays and the only town in the province with the biggest number of island barangays.



Guiuan recorded a total population of 38,694 in 2000, the second largest population in Eastern Samar with the highest population density of 220 persons per sq. km. among the twenty-three (23) municipalities. Majority or 97.7% of the Guiuananons speak the “waray” dialect. Less than 3% speak Cebuano, Tagalog, Boholano. A large percentage though can converse in the English language.

Socio-economic Activities

Being a fishing community and the only municipality with the most number of island barangays, the town is rich in fishery and aquatic resources. It is considered by the fisheries authority as the best fishing belt in the region. The coastal waters offer almost all species of marine life: euchuema, abalone, ornamental fish, lobster and the Golden Cowry (known for its extraordinary golden sheen). They also offer delicacies, shell craft products as well as fresh processed marine products. Existing land use indicated a predominance of agriculture use which covers 38.2% of the total land area. Most of the agricultural land are dominantly planted with coconut trees.

Other major crops include vegetables, root crops, palay, corn, banana, and other fruit trees, coffee and pineapple. The municipality is likewise rich in miniral resources. It has an estimated mineral reserve of bauxite, nickel and titaferous magnitie of more that 26.7 million metric tons.


Guiuan’s airport has a 2.8 km runway which could service light private planes, chartered cargo and military planes. It also has a municipal and national seaport throughout the year.

Telephone companies operating in the municipalities include TELECOM, Globelines and Bayantel. Smart and Globe cellular phone companies are also operational. In 2004, Eastern Samar Electric Cooperative (ESAMELCO) was able to energize Guiuan, Calicoan Island up to Sulangan covering 37 out of 60 barangays. Island barangays are served with electricity through generator sets either privately-owned or operated by the barangay council.

Adventure Spots

Calicoan Island boast of miles of white sand beaches. With powerful swells rolling in from the Pacific over the 10,000 meters Philippine Deep. Calicoan is a surfer’s paradise. The season for the best waves is generally from October to March.

In the middle of the island are six lagoons ringed by forest, the largest being 30 hectares in size. At the Cliffside margin of Calicoan’s forest are dozens of caves.On the northern tip of Calicoan are wetlands like Everglades, teeming with fish, shrimps and crabs. The rich diversity of the area is evident when one sees the exotic species being sold. The surrounding waters support several marine based industries such as fish, seaweeds and pearl farming.




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