El Nido Island

EL NIDO ISLAND FOR SALE (14.4 hectares)

Price - Contact us for the Price.... tony@palawan-islands.com
Location - El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Distance from Manila to EL Nido Airport - 1 hour by commercial plane
Distance to the island from Seaport - 30 minutes by boat

* 14.5  hectares Titled Island

* 5 minutes from El Nido Town Center and 5 minutes from airport

* Excellent for World Class Resort

* 250 meters long beachfront

Cadlao is the biggest island in Bacuit Bay. The island also possesses many other superlatives, like its curving white sand beaches, lush forest cover, and many other surprises. Cadlao's gradually sloping sea floor makes the island's beaches relatively safer compared to the other beaches in the bay. Swimmers and waders will appreciate the beaches of Bocal Point, Sabang Beach, Paradise Beach, and Natnat on Cadlao Island.

Cadlao Lagoon's limestone formations and lush corals provide a magnificent setting for snorkelers.

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